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White Paper: Accessing Real-Time Market Data in the Cloud with Solace

Delve into the business case for cloud-delivered market data; how an event mesh can help deploy that real-time data; and how to start the journey towards making it a reality for your organization.

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Real-time market data in the cloud is needed today for exchanges, trading systems, data providers, and commercial and investment banks to remain ahead of the competition and to retain customers. There are many other commercial and technical drivers that are leading businesses towards cloud-delivered market data, but addressing the specific needs of market data distribution in cloud deployments is not always straightforward.

Using the cloud providers' messaging services might not cut it for a company's specific requirements. The four main issues that company's face with native cloud services are:

  • Desired latency
  • Quality of service (delivery)
  • Message order
  • Multi-cloud capability

This paper outlines the challenges with cloud-delivered market data and investigates whether cloud native services can meet standard service requirements for market data distribution using a specific example. 

You will also be introduced to the concept of an event mesh to deploy a real-time market data service in the cloud and see how it handles the same services requirements in the example.