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White Paper: Comparing and Contrasting Service Mesh and Event Mesh

The strategy for using a service mesh for microservices can be augmented by an event mesh to improve flexibility, scalability, and agility of your system.

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Service mesh and event mesh were both born of the need to improve agility by decomposing monolithic applications into discrete functions called microservices. This paper will help you understand how these two “mesh” technologies came to be, the role each plays, and how you can throw the powerful one-two punch they represent.

In this paper Heinz Schaffner will help you understand how the control and data planes of a service mesh work, and why they don’t meet the needs of event-driven microservices. You’ll also learn how event meshes came to be, how they work, and how to use them in concert with service meshes for the most powerful, flexible, and scalable microservices-based system possible.