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Webinar: PubSub+ Event Portal Demo

Event-driven architecture promises improved customer experiences, operational efficiency and agility, but a lack of developer productivity and governance tooling makes it hard to bring those promises to life. 

View this on-demand webcast for an introduction to PubSub+ Event Portal, the market’s first and only event management toolset to design, create, discover, share, visualise, secure and manage all the events in your enterprise. We’ll walk you through a live demo of Event Portal, and show you how easy it is to: 

  •  Define and model event-driven systems 
  •  Quickly develop consistent event-driven applications 
  •  Visualise relationships between applications and events 
  •  Share and reuse events using a searchable catalogue 
  •  Manage the lifecycle of events, schemas and applications
  •  Integrate with 3rd-party systems to bulk import existing EDA models
  •  Discover and visualise events flowing across your PubSub+ event brokers

Watch the webcast now and see for yourself why our PubSub+ Event Portal users have used words like “breakthrough,” “magical,” and “dazzling” to describe their experience.